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  Ceramic Aluminium oxide material is the new abrasive material for coated abrasives and bonded abrasive wheels. its unique structure gives it levels of performance similar to superabrasives at price similar to conventional abrasives

 Slightly purer and about 10% harder than the aluminium oxide used in the manufacture of ordinary grinding wheels, the new material is a ceramic produced by sintering the basic material produced by a seeded gel techniqueIt is its structure which gives its enhanced properties.Figure 8.24 shows an aluminium oxide wheel alongside a ceramic wheel of the same grain size. A traditional fused oxide grit is made up of a new,or a possibly a single, grit.The same single ceramic grains will contain millions of sub micrometre particles.Each time a traditional aluminium oxide grit fractures in use, it can lose as much as one-fifth of its grinding surface,periodic dressing being needed to restore grinding performance.Ceramic abrasive fractures on a much finer scale due to the submicrometre particle size of its constituents;cutting efficiency is maintained at significantly lower wear rates with ceramic wheels.    


The grains are very sharp, so the tools made with CA are  more strong cutting capacity, high grinding efficiency.   

High durability and long life   Good self-sharpening performance, not clogging  

Far better grinding surface, not need for reparing the surface of the grinding wheel   

 Grain: 24-180